Youth Programs

Did you know?

Bowling is also America’s #1 participation activity with over 68 million American’s bowling each year. Bowling is a favorite with children/kids ages 5-18 with over 40% of that age group bowling at least once per year.

Our youth bowling coaches will teach your child the basics of bowling, a lifetime sport that provides over 3 million dollars per year in scholarship money to graduating seniors.  The best part of many bowling scholarships is that they are based mostly on participation and not solely on talent. BEST OF ALL—NO ONE RIDES THE BENCH IN BOWLING!  

Plus…Bowling is now the fastest growing high school sport in America.

Majors League



Teams of 3 kids (don't worry- we pair individuals together to form teams) bowl three games each.

This league is 30 weeks long, with 3-10 week sessions.

Winners of the 3 sessions battle it out at the end for a winner!

Only $8.00 per kid and includes shoes!

BONUS: Our PBA Pro is a coach!!!

Any questions, please contact Hannah at 330-501-1785.

After School Bowling

Tuesdays: Struthers Elementary, Struthers Middle, Austintown Elementary, Austintown Intermediate, Austintown Middle

Wednesdays: CH Campbell, Hilltop, Canfield Middle

Thursdays: West Blvd, Stadium, Boardman Center Intermediate

Fridays: Market Street, Robinwood, Glenwood

Transportation from your school, a snack, and coaching

Only $10 per child per week

OR save BIG and pay in advance!

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*If you are registering after 5PM on the day  before your child's league begins please call us at 330-758-6626