fun & games

Let The Outrageous Fun Begin!

There is a reason we call ourselves an “entertainment center” as opposed to a “bowling alley”; our fun & games extend far beyond our lanes! Even if you’re not looking to bowl, we’ve got something sure to bring a smile to your face.


Up for a game of pool? We’ve got 4 tables for rent in our bar! Only $1.00 A Game.

(Plus, a $10 refundable deposit for a cue ball.)


We’ve got an ever-changing selection of arcade games sure to amuse child and adult alike!

Plus, save up your tickets for some amazing redemption prizes!

Other Fun

Connect 4

giant connect 4

What’s better than regular Connect 4? THE GIANT VERSION!

Free to play in our bar area.


giant jenga

Remember playing Jenga as a kid? Well, it just got better!

Free to play in our bar area.

Success hitting target aim goal achievement concept background - three darts in bull's eye close up


Looking for a little friendly competition?

Free to play in our bar area.